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Customise the look and feel of your iPad with an iPad Air 2 Smart Case in Midnight Blue.
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Those magnets are also strong enough to hold the cover shut even when the iPad is upside down. The iPad Air version is one of the few cases we found that are actually designed for the Air and not just rebranded All sizes of the case come in various colors, some with translucent backs and others that are opaque. We also appreciate how precise all the openings are, showing a real attention to detail.

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Not only are the microphone and camera properly centered in their openings, but each speaker hole has an individual cutout that lines up perfectly. The A Pencil holder is molded along the left edge, and a clever charging cap holder sits above it. The 7. On both cases the buttons lose a significant amount of clickiness, but no other case in this price range holds the Pencil and retains that tactility. The cover is pretty much the same, while the back is a hard plastic that might crack or chip if you drop it.

The Ultra Slim is composed of a translucent plastic shell for the body of the iPad and a polyurethane screen cover.

Why it’s not worth buying an original iPad mini 5 Smart Cover

Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald. The iPad is essentially a slate of delicate electronics sandwiched between two fragile materials: breakable glass and scratchable, dentable aluminum. In addition to the potential of dropping it, you need to consider the risk of damage from keys, coins, or whatever else might be floating around in your bag.

In addition, a big advantage of many iPad cases, and particularly those we looked at for this guide, is their functionality above and beyond simple protection: They can actually improve the experience of using an iPad instead of detracting from it. For example, many cases have some sort of built-in stand feature so you can prop the tablet into positions suitable for typing or movie viewing.

The company says both sizes meet military drop-test standards, although neither offers button protection. Our pick.

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MoKo Ultra Slim Best for iPad 5th and 6th generation Compared with many similar options, this case gets the most small things right. Everything we recommend Our pick. The iPad 5th and 6th generation cases we tested. A built-in elastic strap is meant to allow you to keep a secure grip when on the go.

Another of the best iPad Air cases that has a slim fit case, offering good protection without adding bulk to the iPad. The kickstand holds the iPad at a good viewing angle. This case offers decent protection and slim design without any of the other additional features found in other cases.

apple ipad air smart cover - 6 results

The lack of features is reflected in the price, making this case one of the best iPad Air cases for those on a budget. It comes in various colors to allow for personal preference. The degree rotation found on the Fintie makes viewing easy for either landscape or portrait viewing. With a synthetic leather exterior it protects well from scratches while the hard interior cover protects the iPad itself.

It has an easy snap mount feature that makes putting the case on easy. Be sure to snap the left side first, then the right side.

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The Fintie comes in many different colors and patterned designs for those looking for a case with a little personality. This rugged case offers the protection of a heavy duty case with the features of the lighter folio cases.

The Gladius has a hard inner clamshell case with a rubber outer shell and an all metal arm with built-in screen protection. A hand-worked leather strap helps to secure your grip when carrying your iPad. This rugged case has a bit of extra bulk but offers more protection if your iPad gets dropped. Like the Gladius it has some convenience features that are usually found in the folio cases. The ZooGue can hold the iPad at any viewing angle which is held in place with Velcro. It also has an adjustable back strap that allows it to be mounted to the back of a car headrest a nice feature for family use.

Compare Prices of Apple iPad Air 2 Smart Case

This rugged case offers heavier protection for those who put their iPad through a lot of rough and tumble travel and movement. It has 3-layer protection to help with drops, bumps, and shocks. The built-in screen protector guards against scratches and smudges. It also has port covers to keep out debris and dust. This is one of the best iPad Air cases for people who will be traveling and using their iPad outside on a regular basis. This rugged case meets the needs of heavy duty use. It has easy installation with a snap in design. The two layer design uses a polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU to protect your iPad from bumps, drop, and shocks.

The built-in screen protected prevents scratches but still allows for easy use of touch features. It has a snug, secure fit with four color options. Be sure to check that the model of iPad Air that you own will fit the case you are looking to buy as some cases only fit certain models. Determine what features are going to be important to you so that you can shortlist the best iPad Air cases for you personally. Viewing lots of streaming movies will mean you may need more viewing angles along with degree rotation.

Consider the type of material on the outside of the case.

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  • Folio cases are more streamlined and professional looking, but keep in mind the materials used to make the outside. While some iPad users like the sleek look and feel of plastic others found it too slippery and worried about possibly dropping their iPad.

    iPad Air 2 Smart Case (Apple) -- Best case for the iPad Air 2?

    If that sounds like you, look for a case that has some grip to it.