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5 Best Husqvarna Chainsaws – Reviews. 1. Husqvarna Rancher Chainsaw – Top Pick That kind of quality carries a price though – it's fairly heavy.
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Quiet, cordless operation

The inclusion of X-Torq technology reduces harmful emissions and the adjustable oil pump lets you regulate oil flow for consumption efficiency. And for safety and comfort, the LowVib system reduces vibration while the inertia-activated chain brake will stop the chain in the event of any kickback. Plus, at only 7. Depending on your profession, you might not need a heavy 20 or 24 inch model to get the job done.

And at just over 7 lbs, this chainsaw can be used for hours with virtually no user fatigue. The Dolmar PS Chainsaw is one of the top picks for professional use. It runs on an impressive 61cc engine capable of an output of 4. For added durability, it was designed with a metal crankcase and handlebar, allowing it to withstand years of heavy use. The Dolmar PS is one of the top premium chainsaws for professional applications.

It delivers an astounding amount of speed and power while providing smooth, vibration-free performance.

Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews - Top Picks & Buyer's Guide

There are tons of chainsaws on the market today but not all of them are right for professional use. If you want to purchase a model that can handle the demands of your job, there are a few things to consider. A professional usually needs a chainsaw that can handle a serious workload. You want a roaring gas chainsaws that can slice through the toughest conditions with ease.

Sure, there are electric and cordless chainsaws out there but, for real heavy duty work, only a gas powered chainsaw will do.

5 Best Husqvarna Chainsaw ‒ Reviews and Buying Guide

When shopping for a professional chainsaw, you need to evaluate the power of the engine. The higher the cc, the more powerful the chainsaw is going to be. A slow cutting speed is going to be time-consuming. First, consider the average width of the trees you plan to cut. Are you going to be cutting down small trees measuring 8 inches in diameter or are you going to be felling sycamores measuring 60 feet high? A smaller sized chainsaw that can handle really thick cuts is going to offer a larger cutting capacity and higher performance.

Use it with flexibility and safety

The bar is the long part of the tool that protrudes out from its body, securing the chain. The longer the bar is, the deeper and faster the chain can cut. Models offer bar lengths ranging from 10 to 24 inches. While models with bar lengths in the teens might be capable of handling average workloads, really thick cuts are going to call for a model measuring closer to the 20 or 24 inch mark.

A chainsaw is a powerful tool, but it can also be dangerous. Combating issues like these are going to take a toll on your body. Even worse, they can make your motions unsteady, increasing your risk of injury. Also, gauge the feel of the tool. You want to purchase a chainsaw that feels centered and balanced. It should also be designed with ergonomic handles that allow you to maintain a comfortable, firm grip. Taking these factors into consideration will reduce fatigue, boost your efficiency, and allow you to maintain better control over your power tool. If you need to cut wood precisely, we recommend a track saw, as reviewed here.

Left unchecked, this wear and tear can shorten the life of even the best chainsaw. Proper maintenance will keep your new professional powerhouse running like new. Luckily, professional chainsaws are built with productivity in mind. They can be disassembled and put back together quickly and easily. This means you can swap out the worn or damaged part, reassemble the tool, and get back to work. Professional log splitter loggers work in extreme conditions. Instead, they turn to pro chainsaws that can handle the demands of their job.

Designed to provide easy handling the tough conditions that log jacks encounter on a daily basis, these pro-grade chainsaws offer the specs and features needed to conquer extreme conditions. While there are plenty of options to choose from, all of these commercial grade models have the following things in common. Do not forget to read Husqvarna vs vs vs vs vs e vs comparison. This chainsaw weighs only In keeping with the fatigue factor, the E has what is called LowVIb vibration damping. The saw has an ergonomic design that includes a handle with a seven-degree offset.

What does all of this mean?

It means less fatigue for the user, even after using the chainsaw for a long time. Additionally, the Low-Vib will make the vibrations less, which means using this chainsaw is easier on the joints in your arms, shoulders, and hands. Emissions are a huge factor in every gas-powered engine today. The people at Husqvarna know this and have modified the engine on the E with the X-Torq technology, which not only cuts the levels of emissions by as much as 60 percent, it increases fuel efficiency.

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This technology has been proven to cut fuel consumption by as much as one-third. Both of these factors are especially important for consumers today. The rising prices of fuel are always of concern while the levels of emissions are of huge concern in certain heavily populated areas of the US. In the past, one of the biggest problems with chainsaws was getting them to start for the first time each day. This was especially troublesome in the colder weather. As the engine starts so readily, the risk of engine flooding is also decreased.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

This will save time that is otherwise spent waiting for the engine to breathe. Another common problem with chainsaws in the past was the air filter would frequently become clogged from the debris as the chain spinning. Husqvarna realized this and has taken every measure to alleviate this issue. The Husqvarna E has a centrifugal air cleansing process that works to get rid of the bigger debris that is the most harmful to the air filter and engine. Although the E has a great engine and emissions system, some users have found different problems with the saw itself. For example, user L.

The gas tank runs out in 25 minutes instead of the 40 minutes with the It had so little power that I took it into the chainsaw shop 15 miles distant to adjust the carburetor it is almost impossible for a do-it-yourself to adjust which makes no sense to me. Other real users of this saw have complained about the chain tightening mechanism as well. Negative user reviews focus mainly on the problems listed above.

Many users claim the chainsaw is better for only light, infrequent use rather than for medium-duty use as Husqvarna claims. Although there are downsides to this chainsaw, there are many benefits to it as well. The E has a compact, lightweight design that is handsome and durable. The saw itself is very easy to start and operate, which makes it appropriate for use around the home as well as up in a tree. It has been a household name that represents excellence for many years.

The Husqvarna E is one chainsaw that every homeowner should have. Read reviews of Husqvarna , , and The Poulan P : one power-packed son of a gun. There are many things to look for when trying to decide between chainsaws.

Best Husqvarna Chainsaws 2019

Reliability is a big factor. How many times have you been in the middle of a job only to be stranded mid-cut because the belt came off, the engine blew, or the chain slipped? No worries of that type with the new Poulan P The P is definitely reliable.